Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

This is an advanced course where you get to learn about the major techniques and the step by step procedures in using the Adobe Illustrator. This course teaches you the basics of illustrator, CS6, and CC, mesh and other tools, graph, advanced masks, and so many more. Adobe Illustrator is a graphics-driven software, which is mainly used in creating the illustration of vector graphics like; cartoons, logos, graphics, and fonts for the photo-realistic designs of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator works hand in hand with the Adobe Photoshop. With the use of Adobe Illustrator, you can easily create and edit vector graphics images.

Adobe Illustrator provides you with nothing but high-quality outputs. It gives you the opportunity of expressing your ideas in its best form.
Adobe Illustrator plays a vital role in the fields of art and graphics designing. So, the study and use of the Adobe Illustrator should be considered by those who have or are willing to have a career in these fields. The study of Adobe Illustrator gives rise to amazing designs and creations.

The learning and use of Adobe Illustrator in Dubai will enhance the productivity of designers. Adobe Illustrator helps in improving the workflow of designers. In Dubai today, Adobe Illustrator is currently the standard basic software used by various graphics designers in creating digital graphics, illustrations, and typography for all kinds of media.

It is the full responsibility of Vivid to properly educate you on the entire features of Adobe Illustrator. We are a team of professionally trained computer literates, who is willing and ready to share every single knowledge with you. We assure you nothing but excellence, as we tutor you through various aspects of Adobe Illustrator.

Topics include:

  • Selecting real-world objects in photographs
  • Refining masks with the Smudge tool, Refine Mask and Refine Radius
  • Using the Focus Area tool
  • Skewing and distorting a layer
  • Transforming and duplicating in one operation
  • Warping text
  • Creating and masking Smart Objects
  • Applying Smart Filters
  • Nesting Smart Objects
  • Using Content-Aware Scale
  • Applying stack modes
  • Using the Liquify filter
  • Drawing custom vector shapes
  • Adjusting contrast, color, and luminance with blend modes

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