Monday, May 27, 2024

Artificial Intelligence Updates


The article discusses various developments in the AI industry, including the UK’s exploration of using AI to protect younger internet users, Hugging Face’s new benchmark for testing generative AI on health tasks, Meta’s release of Llama 3 and its integration into the company’s apps, and Nothing’s earbuds with ChatGPT integration. It also covers Alphabet X’s Bellwether project using AI to predict natural disasters, the fate of Humane AI and Fisker, LinkedIn’s testing of a Premium Company Page subscription with AI-assisted content creation, and Reddit’s plans for new AI-powered features. Additionally, the article delves into CommentSold’s use of AI to generate shoppable, social-ready clips, NeuBird’s generative AI solution for cloud-native environments, Boston Dynamics’ electric Atlas humanoid robot, and BigPanda’s generative AI tool for IT operations. The piece also mentions Mentee Robotics’ humanoid robot, Snap’s plan to add watermarks to AI-generated images, Intel’s commitment to building open generative AI tools for enterprises, Betaworks’ focus on AI agents, Amazon Music’s AI playlist generator, and GovDash’s AI-powered government contract assistance. Finally, the Oversight Board’s investigation into Meta’s handling of explicit, AI-generated images on its platforms is discussed.

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