Autocad 2018

In the event you don’t know, AutoCAD is the most popular and widely used software used in the production of Architectural, Construction and Engineering drawings. Imagine you have the skills to design your own furniture, products, and architecture from scratch? You can only do it with AutoCAD. AutoCAD simply means Computer Aided Design, it is a basic modeling software that has become part of the basics of industrialization. With a knowledge of AutoCAD, you can as well grow to the use of advanced CAD software applications.

Who should learn AutoCAD?

If you have your eyes on going into Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing, Interior Design, and Project management, then gaining the technical expertise of using AutoCAD is a must. Having a knowledge of AutoCAD is a craft that will position you in the future. If you have hobbies such as furniture design, building architectural miniatures and interior designing, AutoCAD will go a long way to boost your hobby into a passion.

Careers in Dubai?

Getting a well-paid job as an AutoCAD expert in Dubai is quite easy. So far you can prove your skills, there are many companies ready to snap you up and pay you handsomely. Look at all the skyscrapers and excellent architectural masterpiece around, they have the input of AutoCAD.


At VIVID, we have genius AutoCAD instructors with all the certifications you can acquire as an instructor. We have positioned of AutoCAD unit to benefit those in the Engineering, Construction, and Architecture industries. We also have our eye on building you into an all-around AutoCAD user with the use of collaboration tools.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the user interface
  • Using the ribbon, status bar, and ViewCube
  • Opening, saving, and closing files
  • Setting and converting drawing units
  • Navigating drawings
  • Saving and restoring views
  • Drawing and modifying objects
  • Drawing accurately
  • Reusing content
  • Creating output
  • Using PDFs in AutoCAD