Monday, May 27, 2024

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Manhattan court selects jury for Donald Trump’s hush-money trial. Saskatchewan education minister apologizes for comment to mother whose daughter died. Gas prices in Ontario jump 10-cents per litre overnight. Toronto city council expands legal drinking in parks over objections of some. Britain’s Prince Harry formally confirms he is now a U.S. resident. Chinese ambassador ends his posting in Canada. Three B.C. hunters fined and banned for unlawfully killing wildlife near Kamloops. Officer says B.C. hostage was lying on top of captor before police gunfire erupted. Danielle Smith’s Bill 18 is as cynical and nefarious as it gets. The fight in the House of Representatives that is spilling into the weekend is about five things. The failure of Canada’s health care system is a disgrace – and a deadly one. Canada risks going too far in overhauling competition law. First Nations peoples have lost confidence in Thunder Bay’s police force.

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