Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Indie Showcase: April 2024 Announcements


Nintendo’s first Indie World Showcase of 2024 featured a diverse lineup of indie games headed to the Nintendo Switch. Highlights include the announcement of SteamWorld Heist II, a new side-scrolling platformer Yars Rising, and the timed-exclusive Refind Self: The Personality Test Game. Other notable titles include the cozy sticker-making game Sticky Business, the action-platformer Antonblast, the mountain-climbing adventure Valley Peaks, and the puzzle-adventure Lorelei and the Laser Eyes. The showcase also revealed updates on previously announced games like Europa, TMNT Splintered Fate, Cat Quest III, and the relaxing embroidery game Stich. Additionally, several other indie games, such as SCHiM, Bzzzt, Animal Well, and Detective Duck: The Secret Salami, were showcased with release dates or windows for the Nintendo Switch.

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