Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Latest Tech and Gadgets for Men in 2024


Esquire magazine’s article showcases the latest gadgets and tech, from a Leica instant camera to a virtual reality headset. It highlights innovative products like a portable bean grinder, a lumbar massager, and a transparent turntable. The article also covers the new Apple Watch Ultra, Samsung’s S24 Ultra smartphone, and Amazon’s Echo Hub for smart home control. It explores the resurgence of cassette players and the convenience of a Meater+ thermometer for cooking. The article delves into the capabilities of the Google Pixel 8, the versatility of the Samsung Freestyle projector, and the advancements in DJ equipment with the Pioneer DDJ 200 controller. It also features a lyric-displaying speaker canvas and a high-end Sony TV. The article concludes with a discussion of the Melitta coffee machine and the Ooni electric pizza oven, highlighting the evolving landscape of consumer technology.

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