Revit Architecture 2018

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What is Revit Architecture?
Revit architecture is the process of performing architectural functions with the help of building information modeling software created by AutoDesk known as AutoDesk Revit.Revit architecture helps users to design 3D and 4D models of buildings along with 2D drafting elements.It allows users to access building information from the building model’s database.Revit Architecture helps its users in planning and tracking several phases of a building from its construction to demolition along with the regular maintenance. Revit Architecture is a powerful collaboration tool that allows architects and other professionals associated with the construction business to operate whole buildings by providing a Revit rendering engine which makes complete realistic images of diagrammatic models.

Who should learn Revit Architecture?
Revit Architecture is a very useful platform for professionals or people associated with designing.It can be used by architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, plumbing engineers, structural engineers, designers, contractors and building professionals. Architect students as well as designing students can be highly benefitted by learning Revit Architecture , and in a broad sense anyone associated with the designing work in whatever stream it may be can learn recital architecture and add value to their projects.

Career Opportunities in Dubai
There are a lot of career opportunities in Dubai for rent architecture professionals, as we all know that Dubai is the city of high rise buildings and ever-growing skyscrapers so there is an immense scope for architectures to make it big in this field.Dubai is among one of the most advanced and fastest growing cities in the world in terms of economy and business and there is a great demand for professionals from various fields such as architecture, home designing, IT sector, etc.There are a lot of untapped opportunities waiting for you in the field of designing.

Why Vivid?
We have an experienced team of computer experts and professionals.All our trainers have years of experience in the industry and complete knowledge of the local business environment. What makes us different is our combination of different courses providing a perfect learning environment, our fully modern technical labs and our customized courses keeping in mind the UAE business environment.In a nutshell , we have all the standards and qualities a modern computer training institute needs to have or maybe more than that.

Topics include:

  • Understanding BIM and the Revit element hierarchy
  • Navigating views
  • Creating a new project from a template
  • Adding walls, doors, and windows
  • Adding plumbing fixtures and other components
  • Linking AutoCAD DWG files
  • Rotating and aligning Revit links
  • Working with footprint and extrusion roofs
  • Adding openings
  • Adding railings and extensions to stairs
  • Creating stacked and curtain walls
  • Hiding and isolating objects
  • Adding rooms
  • Creating schedule views and tags
  • Adding text and dimensions
  • Creating new families
  • Using reference planes, parameters, and constraints
  • Plotting and creating a PDF

CALL NOW: 04 3463090