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Understanding Investor Rights for Timely Handover of Off-Plan Properties in Dubai



Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai offers significant opportunities but also requires due diligence to safeguard interests. This guide simplifies the complexities surrounding investor rights, particularly focusing on ensuring the timely handover of properties.

Pre-Investment Due Diligence

Before committing to an off-plan purchase, conducting comprehensive checks is essential:

  • Verify Project Registration: Ensure the project is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Escrow Account Details: Confirm the existence of an escrow account, which secures your funds during the development phase.
  • Completion Status and Dates: Assess the project’s progress and projected completion timeline to plan your investment strategy.
  • Developer Credentials: Check the developer’s registration with RERA and ownership of the development land for added security.
  • Permits and Approvals: Ensure the developer has obtained all necessary permissions from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and RERA for off-plan sales.

Investor Rights and Protections

Dubai’s Law No (8) of 2007 Concerning Escrow Accounts for Real Estate Development enshrines key investor protections:

  • Escrow Account Requirement: Developers are mandated to maintain escrow accounts for each project, promoting transparency.
  • Protection of Deposits: All payments by investors are to be deposited into the project’s escrow account, with rights to access its accounting records.
  • Completion and Refund Guarantees: Should a project face delays or cancellation, measures are in place to ensure either the completion of the project or refunds to investors, managed by the escrow agent in coordination with DLD.

Practical Steps for Investors

In the event of delays or non-completion, the escrow system acts as a safeguard for your investment. It’s crucial to:

  • Review Contract Terms: Pay close attention to clauses related to project delays, completions, and extension provisions.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: Consult with a legal professional experienced in Dubai real estate to fully understand your rights and obligations.


Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai can be a fruitful endeavor when approached with informed caution. By understanding your rights and conducting thorough pre-investment checks, you can navigate the real estate market with greater assurance, knowing your investment is protected against unforeseen delays and complications.


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