Vestian Group Expands into UAE with New Investment Advisory Firm Vestian MEA



The Vestian Group, a prominent global provider of real estate solutions, has expanded into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region with the launch of its new Dubai-based subsidiary, Vestian MEA. This specialized investment advisory services firm will focus on serving clients across the MEA markets from its headquarters in the UAE’s thriving business hub.

The establishment of Vestian MEA underscores Vestian’s commitment to strengthening its Middle Eastern presence and enhancing real estate advisory services in this dynamic region. Founded in 2010 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Chicago’s Vestian INC, Vestian MEA will offer comprehensive solutions to investors pursuing opportunities in Dubai, the UAE and beyond.

Shrini Rao, CEO at Vestian, highlighted the strategic importance of this expansion: “Vestian MEA represents a major step forward in the Middle East, directly addressing our clients’ growing regional needs and confidence in our services. This launch symbolizes our dedication to evolving alongside global client demands, solidifying our commitment to delivering unparalleled real estate solutions with innovative, client-centric advisory for UAE investors.”

Michael Silver, Vestian’s Chairman, echoed this sentiment, stating the UAE launch “represents our commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainable real estate sector growth in the Middle East.” 

Leading Vestian MEA’s operations as Managing Director is Sanjay Sareen, who expressed excitement about the opportunities: “Our team upholds the highest standards of excellence and innovation. By fusing global best practices with local market insights, Vestian aims to be the trusted real estate investment advisory partner for the MEA region.”

With a strategic Dubai headquarters, Vestian MEA capitalizes on the UAE’s conducive business environment and advantageous location as a regional hub. The firm’s seasoned professionals boast extensive real estate expertise spanning regional and international markets. Leveraging cutting-edge metrics and efficient processes, they ensure services remain impactful and relevant throughout the client journey.

By establishing a localized presence through Vestian MEA, the company can deliver tailored solutions addressing the nuances of the MEA real estate landscape. Combining its global network with regional knowledge enables the firm to strategically guide investors in capitalizing on emerging opportunities while mitigating risks.

As the UAE cements its status as a world-class investment destination, Vestian MEA’s Dubai base positions it to play an influential role in shaping the region’s real estate future. Through client-centricity and a commitment to excellence, the firm aims to forge enduring partnerships contributing to the MEA markets’ sustainable development.



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